Sharp tongued and quick witted, Kudos is quite simply a freak. He’s built a reputation based on both strong personal lyricism and technical proficiency, which combine into an unforgettable live performance. Both a rapper and a spoken word artist, Kudos switches from one form to another effortlessly. An unconventional figure in the hip hop community, his passion for the art form is palpable and incredibly contagious.
After winning the 2011 Sprung Hip Hop Festival/Real Talk MC Throwdown and earning himself a very well received set at the festival the following year, and 
presenting a deeply confronting poem for TEDX in 2014, he’s demonstrated his ability to perform incredibly under the most diverse of circumstances. 

Kudos makes a surprising first impression, atypical of the hip hop scene yet a master of the craft. On any given day you’re likely to find him people watching while perched on his favourite city stoop, writing new rhymes and sharpening his performance. He’s known for rehearsing his sets while skipping rope to eliminate the tiniest imperfections, and the effects are obvious.
He’s opened for a number of majors, including the incomparable Atmosphere, Mantra, and Afrika Bambaataa. Performing on stages at festivals such as, splendour in the grass, Pineapple Fest, and Rainbow Serpent. Kudos has been invited to feature multiple times with Groups such as Tijuana Cartel and Afro Dizzi Act, honing his craft with each performance. 

Already accomplished, Kudos is a man of action, where will his passion take him next, only time will tell.




James Tretheway




Will Watson

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